Duration: 3 hours

We all know how to think, as we all know how to run. However, if, you want to finish a marathon rather than just catching the bus, there is a structured way to upgrade many aspects of your running: the pace you run at, the way your foot touches ground, the way you breathe, the frequency of your you training sessions, and even the way you dress; all these aspects can be improved for better results. Similarly, the way a manager thinks can benefit from a structured upgrading process.

The first step in this process is to acknowledge that each of us has a specific way of thinking and deciding and, while it may have served us well, it can always be improved. This step requires a moment of introspection and a bit of intellectual humility. We think that we, and people in general, are rational creatures, and even if we are acquainted with non-rational factors, we usually observe those in others. However, we cannot improve our thinking if we think it flawless. The main purpose of this module is to challenge the view of ourselves as perfectly rational decision-makers and  to introduce critical thinking as a toolbox of skills and methods to help us think healthier and more effective.

Methods. Short exercises, discussing recent research, discussing personal examples, working with a case study.

Outcomes. Participants will understand that we each have a specific way of thinking which has served us very well, but which can be improved with a structured approach. They will understand that intelligence does not guarantee healthy thinking in crucial situations and that good thinking does not only consist of certain skills, but also of the inclination to use them when making important decisions.

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