We all know how to think, as we all know how to run.

However, if, you want to finish a marathon rather than just catching the bus, there is a structured way to upgrade many aspects of your running: the pace you run at, the way your foot touches ground, the way you breathe, the frequency of your you training sessions, and even the way you dress.

All these aspects can be improved for better results.

Similarly, the way a manager thinks can benefit from a structured upgrading process. We all think pretty well – getting where each of us is today surely involved a lot of good decisions, smart thinking, and clever persuading. This website merely organizes disparate knowledge, various management techniques, and concepts from different sciences into a coherent pathway towards efficient and purposeful managerial thinking. Enjoy!

Radu Atanasiu Radu Running

About Radu

Radu Atanasiu teaches Thinking and Deciding for Business at the Maastricht School of Management, both in Romania and in the Netherlands, at the Entrepreneurship Academy in Bucharest, and online, on the German platform iversity.org, where his massive online open courses had tens of thousands of students from all over the world.

Radu also delivers executive courses on Critical Thinking, Decision-Making, Persuasion, and Complex Problem Solving. His first book, Critical Thinking for Managers, will be published in 2021 by Springer Verlag.

Radu’s research at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam is focused on managerial decision-making, more specifically on managerial heuristics, which are the simple proverb-like rules that we learn from experience.

Radu has an extensive presence in the media, both with the articles he writes himself in business magazines (online and on paper) and newspapers, and with being invited in numerous interviews and podcasts. This media presence was the seed content for the site you are currently reading.

Aside from this, Radu is involved in some promising tech businesses. He also runs marathons, often dressed as Mickey Mouse; the picture here is meant to undermine any authority he might have built, so that all arguments brought forth on this website will be evaluated solely by their intrinsic value.