Duration: 3 hours

Fallacies are bad arguments, but they seem good and can mislead us into making bad decisions. Fallacies can be employed at work, by colleagues, clients, business partners, bosses. We can also face fallacies outside the job, from virtually everybody: TV ads, politicians, even our own spouses. We can also deceive ourselves.

Methods. Online, self-paced learning. Each fallacy is illustrated with examples, funny dialogues, a case study discourse, and there’s even a quiz show at the end to test your knowledge.

Outcomes. In this course we will learn how to recognize and resist the most common 15 fallacies, from Loaded Question and Slippery Slope to Red Herring and Straw Man. We describe the mechanism for each of these rational traps, and we learn proper ways to refute it.

Link. https://iversity.org/en/courses/how-to-outsmart-bad-arguments-fallacies-abc