Duration: 3 hours

Fallacies are bad arguments which sound good and can, therefore, fool us. For example, “All our competitors implemented this methodology, we should adopt it, as well” is a bad argument called argumentum ad populum or bandwagon. This type of fallacy claims that we should do something just because others do it, too, without offering any intrinsic reason. While the behavior of others is a good guide, especially in unfamiliar environments, doing something exclusively because others do it, without understanding the risks and benefits, is foolish. However foolish, this behavior is often present in business, critics in specialized journals and magazines often reporting fads, management ideas that become trendy without having actual value. We will also discuss fallacies like ad hominem, false causality, hasty generalization, false dilemma, red herring, straw man, etc. The purpose of this module is to familiarize participants with the most common types of bad arguments. Once they have a name and we understand the way they function, it will be much easier for us to spot fallacies and to resist being fooled.

Methods. This module goes through the most common fallacies with examples, discussions, case studies, and a mock debate.

Outcome. Participants will be able to identify, resist, and counterargue bad arguments in business proposals, domestic debates, and commercial offers.

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